You know the glorious feeling of an unsolicited accolade? From a compliment in passing to an unexpected thank-you gift, it feels good, if often hard to accept. Practitioners of law are notoriously staid – and let’s be honest, business lawyers are usually on the less expressive side. No dramatic courtroom scenes like Bridge of Spies or 12 Angry Men or A Few Good Men for us (a lot of men here, I notice…).* All that to say, we don’t brag very often, but over the last year we were named the best lawyers in Chicago, twice! The Chicago Reader named us “Best Lawyer” in 2019, and Expertise added us to their list of “Best Employment Lawyers in Chicago” in March.

A transparent badge from the website Expertise that reads: "Best Employment Lawyers in Chicago 2020."

A diamond-shaped badge with a yellow ribbon that reads "G & G Law: Best Law Firm, 2019."We were honored to receive these awards. Expertise contacted us out of the blue, which is among the better random emails I’ve received. And when we decided to throw our name into the hat for the Chicago Reader award, we called on our community to vote for us and they (you!) turned up! We said it before and we’ll say it again: THANK YOU!

What makes us good business lawyers?


Quick responses from a law firm communicate that they value you and your business. Especially in business law, where we deal daily with the brick wall of government bureaucracies, the firm needs to help set expectations. Plus, it’s just professional. We promise to get back to all our clients within a business day, even if it’s a quick check-in to say “Hey, we don’t have the answer yet.”

Common-Sense Fees

Small businesses operate on miniscule margins. Most simply don’t have the funds to pump into a legal matter that drags on and on and on. We get around this with a few innovations:

  1. Reasonable rates. Constantly seeking maximum profit is not sustainable, especially when dealing with small businesses. As such, we pass by the luxury cars and swanky downtown offices and keep our services accessible to those who need them. By helping you thrive, we do too! Circular economy, baby!
  2. We charge flat fees as much as possible. It helps our clients budget and, frankly, makes our accounting easier as well.
  3. We find smart, innovative, efficient solutions by knowing business law. Many lawyers bill so much because they don’t actually know an advertised area of law and charge you for the extensive research they have to do. Pro tip: If you look at a law firm’s website and see a bajillion practice areas, walk away. Ask yourself: If these business lawyers also do criminal law, and IP law, and tort law, and divorce law, and immigration law, and estate planning and healthcare law, and real estate law, and tax law, and insurance law, will they do any one well?

Deep Understanding of Business Owners

Most importantly, you want a business lawyer that “gets” business owners. Scholars of arcane legal scriptures rarely intersect with the daily realities of running a business, but our founder Michelle Green bridges both worlds. She knows how to build and manage an all-star team, steer our company through tough times, and make our solutions business-friendly. And the quality of our work benefits.

Best-in-the-Business Lawyers

We might be the legal creme de la creme, but we can’t do it alone! Thank you to our clients, our Chamber partners, our professional friends and colleagues, and everyone who’s supported us along the way. And speaking of support…

Vote us “Best Lawyer” again! The Chicago Reader opened nominations for their 2020 superlatives. It’s very simple:

  1. Click here
  2. Find “Best Lawyer”
  3. Enter “G & G Law”
  4. Hit submit!

It takes 30 seconds and we’d really appreciate it. Ian had a great time designing the Chicago Reader badge and would love to do it again.

Now that we’ve bared our soul, do you jive with how we roll? Have a problem you think we could help with? Pop over to our Contact page and drop us a line.


*Quick aside from Michelle: Ian left out the MOST DRAMATIC courtroom scene of all – the Elle Woods mic drop on the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance!

*Ian: *sneakily googles Elle Woods*