New laws in 2024

What are the new laws in Illinois for 2024? New year, new laws! In our 2024 annual legislative digest for Illinois’ small business community, we highlight five new laws that take effect this year and one existing law getting an upgrade. Please note: This post covers only some of the new legislation taking effect this year and, while [...]

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New Laws in 2023

A bunch of legal updates take effect for small businesses in 2023. One new law expands the definition of “racial discrimination” to include hair. One new law increases the minimum wage. One new law increases workers’ rights to take leave. One new law bans latex gloves in food service establishments. An upgrade to an existing law provides employers [...]

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1099s For Lawyers

1099s For Lawyers This is a guest post by Jill Ulett of Accounting Girl, LLC Although you are not required to send 1099s to corporations, there is an IRS requirement to send 1099s to all attorneys regardless of their corporate status. There are two different ways to complete the 1099 depending on how the attorney/firm was paid, and the [...]

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Shonda Rhimes: The Face of the Future of Business

Post written by Ian Saderholm I first heard the name “Shonda Rhimes” in college. My friends were raving about this new hit drama called How to Get Away With Murder. I never watched it, so I took merely passing notice. Later she popped up again with Scandal, another show not on my watchlist, though this time the name stuck. [...]

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COVID-19 Loans and Grants: CARES Act Updates

Disclaimer: We are not experts in health or policy and make no guarantees as to the accuracy or timeliness of the details on this page. This page is for informational purposes only. See our full COVID-19 disclaimer for more. If your business has hit trouble because of the pandemic and you need guidance, the attorneys at G & G [...]

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