CARES Act Small Business Loan and Grant Provisions

Michelle here, owner and founder at G & G Law. I spent my Sunday staying at home and analyzing the small business provisions of the federal coronavirus relief package just signed. In addition to educating myself so I can better serve our clients, I'm wondering if I should apply for loans or grants for my own small business. This [...]

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Summer Fun: Street Fairs and How Small Businesses Benefit

Way back in 1893, the Chicago World’s Fair saw 27 million visitors pour into downtown. Skip forward a century to 1991 to witness the birth of Lollapalooza, a festival that now brings massive money to our Windy City. Cities have long used fairs and festivals as economic engines, driving growth and investment, but the practice is not limited to [...]

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Musings from Ian

A rare shot of the wild Saderholm outside his den Hi all, even though the title says “musings from Ian,” it’s me, Michelle, writing this intro. I’m feeling extra TGIFish on this summer Friday and thought our readers might enjoy a fun Friday blog post. We at G & G Law are very lucky to have one [...]

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UPDATE: Department of Labor Appealing Ruling to Block Overtime Pay Rule

In our last blog post, New Overtime Rule Blocked by Texas Federal Judge - What Does This Mean for Employers?, we discussed the new Overtime Final Rule that the US Department of Labor is implementing and the decision of a Texas judge to block the Rule. This new Rule, if implemented, will require employers to pay overtime to any employees paid less [...]

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Happy Holidays from us to you!

G & G Law sends warm wishes to you during this happy time of year. We hope this holiday season creates many happy memories for you, your friends, and your loved ones. Looking for a way to celebrate the holidays? If you are looking to add new festivities to your holiday season, Chicago has some magical events to offer. [...]

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