Progressive Pop-Up Policy Passed by the Polity

Doing business in any city is often a backwards and bureaucratic imbroglio, and Chicago is no exception. But the gales of change are blowing in the Big Windy! Entrepreneurs in Chicago will soon have a new, first-of-its-kind resource to sell their retail and food products to the public. Beginning on Monday, December 3, 2018, small business owners will be [...]

Entrepreneurs Catch A Break: City Offers A Discount On Business Licensing

#ChiSmallBiz   Most businesses in Chicago require a license from the city in order to operate, and the fees associated with this process can be expensive. In an attempt to alleviate this financial burden on entrepreneurs the Small Business Center of Chicago is offering a 2 year Business License for $125 (regularly the price for a 1 year license). [...]

Illinois Reduces LLC Filing Fees – by a lot!

Yesterday, Bruce Rauner signed a law reducing the filing fees for most Illinois Limited Liability Company paperwork. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced that the law would go into effect immediately, stating “This is a business-friendly law that significantly reduces the cost of forming and maintaining a Limited Liability Company in Illinois”. (Read the full announcement here). This [...]

“We Don’t Make Jokes Like That Around Here”: #MeToo, Sexual Harassment, and the Role of the Legal Counselor

As I scrolled through my newsfeed a couple weeks back and saw the stream of “Me too’s” saturating it, while I was angry and disgusted at the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault, I was mostly in awe of the bravery of all the women putting themselves out there to be counted. Think about the thought process and emotions [...]

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Can you fire Nazis in Illinois?

In light of the recent Nazi protests occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia, many employers are left wondering when they can fire employees for being a Nazi, or for activities done outside of the workplace. Employers are facing important questions, such as: Can you fire an employee for being a Nazi? Can you fire an employee for posting a swastika or [...]

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