A rare shot of the wild Saderholm outside his den

Hi all, even though the title says “musings from Ian,” it’s me, Michelle, writing this intro. I’m feeling extra TGIFish on this summer Friday and thought our readers might enjoy a fun Friday blog post.

We at G & G Law are very lucky to have one of the best legal assistants around. And I, especially, am lucky that he sends me a lovely morning roundup email reminding me of my schedule and getting me prepared for the day. These morning roundups, almost without fail, begin with a tidbit of knowledge Ian recently learned or something that’s on his mind. Ian is a beautiful writer, and apparently that brain of his is constantly flooded with interesting thoughts, so I feel selfish keeping these musings all to myself

So without further ado, here’s what I learned from Ian this week:


Monday, July 15th

“This morning I learned that the power of variable reward (i.e. when you push a button, you only sometimes get a treat) was discovered by accident, because B.F. Skinner ran out of food pellets to feed the pigeons he was testing on. The more you know! We have a big week ahead of us, so let’s get started.”


Tuesday, July 16th

“It’s over, Michelle. Chance the Snapper is in custody. The city contracted a Floridian (finally, Florida Man finds a good use for his wackadoodle skill set!) to catch the Humboldt Park alligator. Long may His Scaly Splendour reign in our hearts. And with this weird surreal chapter of 2019 closed, it’s back to business as usual.”


Wednesday, July 17th

“Hold the presses, Michelle, we have a new candidate for the Smithsonian Institute: The World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things.

Read it a few times. Everything you need to know is in the name.”


Thursday, July 18th

“I just have two words for this morning: ‘Dammit, Barry.'”

[From Michelle: this reminds me that I’ve been meaning to Google this since yesterday morning. No idea.]

[From Ian: that morning there came a deluge, dribbly leftovers courtesy of the eponymous hurricane.]


Friday, July 19th

“A Morning Gratitude: ‘Thank you for the sunshine. Thank you for hot sauce with breakfast. Thank you for the guardians who protected the children at O’Hare yesterday. But most of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for climate-controlled interiors.'”


Another week almost to the finish line! Thank you, Ian, for bringing your personality and inquisitiveness to all you do and starting my mornings off with some sunshine.

Readers, what did you think about this post? Would you like to see it as weekly feature despite the complete lack of any legal content? I’m a little worried that making it a morning feature will put too much pressure on Ian and compel him to write for a different audience, but I think he can handle it. Let us know in the comments!