It’s been a couple of months since you submitted your LLC, applied for a DBA, or filed to dissolve or merge your business. You still haven’t heard back, and you’re left wondering “Dude, where’s my business?” You aren’t alone! Struck with a sudden slew of submissions, the Illinois Secretary of State Business Division is seriously behind in their filings. As of yesterday (February 27th, 2020), they are processing submissions from the end of January.

So fret not, your documents are coming! The Secretary’s employees are working very, very hard to shrink the mountain of filings on their desks. If your case is especially pressing (perhaps you need your LLC before the bank will grant you a loan), you can call them to cancel your original filing and resubmit your forms with expedited service for 24-hour turnaround. The fees for expedited service vary from $20 – $200, depending on the form. You can find the full fee schedules for LLCs here and for corporations here.

Dealing with the Secretary can be a tremendous headache at the best of times, and even more so when they’re overburdened. If you’d like help navigating the bureaucratic proclivities of the State, reach out! G & G Law is here to help.