COVID-19 Business Legal Resources

Disclaimer: We are not experts in health or policy and make no guarantees as to the accuracy or timeliness of the details on this page. This page is for informational purposes only. See our full COVID-19 disclaimer for more.

Our mission at G & G Law, LLC is to make legal services accessible to small businesses.

We are living through unprecedented times. Every day, we talk to small business owners who are not only terrified about the health implications of COVID-19, but also what it means for the survival of their businesses and health and economic well-being of their employees.

Small businesses are having to make incredibly difficult decisions and make them quickly. We know how important information is when making these decisions.

The attorneys and team at G & G Law are working hard to make as much information as possible available and accessible to all small businesses. You can find our list of free resources and articles below. Please feel free to read, share widely, and email us any suggestions for future articles.

Free Resources

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Accessible Resources

We know that many business owners are being required to make difficult decisions during this time – Should you lay off your employees? What is the process? What are your responsibilities to keep employees safe? When do you have to pay sick leave? We also know that hourly attorney fees are not in the budget during this time of economic uncertainty. To help with this complex decision-making process during a time of constant legal updates while keeping legal fees down, we created a COVID-19 Employment Toolkit.

COVID-19 Employer Toolkit

This toolkit is for Illinois business owners who need guidance with employment decisions during this crisis. It includes information about:

-Layoff decisions and process-

-Keeping employees safe-

-Sick leave-

-Requirements of Shelter in Place-

We’ll send weekly updates through at least April 17th. The requirements are changing quickly!


“Thank you so much!  This packet is so helpful and YOU have been so helpful!  I cannot express how much I appreciate all the guidance you have provided to me and my business!”

Sarah H., Owner of Behavioral Services Practice

Custom COVID-19 Legal Resources

As always, the attorneys at G & G Law are at the ready to help you and your business. We’ve been working with clients remotely and in the cloud since the firm was founded, and we still have your backs. First, we listen. Then we effectively and efficiently resolve your legal needs.
With the novel coronavirus come novel legal issues. We can help with:
  • Contract negotiation and restructuring for cancellations and  other unforeseen events. We’re especially good at negotiating changes while maintaining your important business relationships.
  • Complex employment situations surrounding safety, sick leave, or terminations.
  • Helping you determine financing options under the new laws and steering the application process for you.
  • We have educated ourselves on the new laws that have passed in response to COVID-19. We’re ready to talk through business decisions you need to make, with an understanding of the new legal landscape.
  • We know some businesses may be downsizing their internal legal departments or cutting external legal expenses. Our OGC program may be a cost-effective buffer.
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