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Our mission at G & G Law, LLC is to make legal services accessible to small businesses.

We are living through unprecedented times. Every day, we talk to small business owners who are not only terrified about the health implications of COVID-19, but also what it means for the survival of their businesses and health and economic well-being of their employees.

Small businesses are having to make incredibly difficult decisions and make them quickly. We know how important information is when making these decisions.

G & G Law is doing our best to keep on top of the ever-changing laws, regulations, interpretations, and other information important to small businesses. To help small businesses, we are working to make this information to them as quickly as possible. During this crisis, we are erring on the side of getting information out as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding if the organization is not beautiful and the formatting is not perfect.

Do not rely on the information provided as the most up-to-date or accurate information. We are finding that information related to COVID-19 is changing daily, even hourly.

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We highly recommend that you speak with a small business law attorney regarding the specifics surrounding your business and its workers.


If your business has hit trouble because of the pandemic and you need guidance, the attorneys at G & G Law have assembled a toolkit of accessible, easy-to-digest information that answers many common questions we’ve received from our clients. You can read more about it and purchase it here.