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We are small business lawyers in Chicago’s neighborhoods and suburbs. We work with small business owners just starting out to established businesses with millions in revenue.

Our attorneys are responsive and have a deep understanding of closely-held business owners. We have common-sense fees that are fair and transparent.

“Y’all make me feel safe and cozy, like I’ve got a weighted blanket on while doing business.”

Molly F., Strategy Consultant

“G&G is a great law firm for small businesses. I run a management consulting firm that is in deep waters with very large companies that have huge teams of lawyers. Twice, we’ve had issues with contracts and parties looking to get over on us. I try to make every business deal a win-win with my clients, but many go the traditional “protect our ship, drown other ships” approach when it comes to contracting. G&G has gotten used to understanding how to shape contracts that fit my goals as a social enterprise that is based on an “abundance mindset” where we aren’t all in competition, but we still need solid contracts. with clients. G&G has a responsive team of lawyers who understand how to craft a win-win for everyone when it comes to business sales contracts. One of the clients we won after a G&G revised contract was approved even noted that they were thinking differently about how they work with small companies. They’re used to working with the big ones, and just didn’t realize how much their contracts railroaded us smaller businesses until my values and G&G’s skills came around.”

Xavier R., Management Consultant

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Legal Services for Small Businesses

Get going and keep growing

Our goal is to build long-term professional relationships with our clients as their trusted legal counsel. We are committed to developing effective, practical solutions with our clients to protect their businesses and decrease legal risks, allowing them to focus on growth from formation to exit.

We have an Outside General Counsel Package for established businesses and an easy step-by-step process to help new businesses get started. We have experience in LLC formations, operating agreements, partnership agreements, bringing on investors, non-compete agreements, contracts, trademarks, intellectual property, employment issues, and buying and selling businesses.

Michelle Green

Founding Attorney // Owner

Michelle started G & G Law in 2011 with a mission to make legal services accessible for small businesses. She gained incredible experience helping to bootstrap her other company from a 2-person tutoring operation to a multi-million dollar online learning company. Her clients benefit from her unique experience wearing two hats: both an attorney for her clients and an owner of two successful companies.

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