Outside General Counsel Package

The Problem

Many businesses have unanswered legal questions and unfilled legal needs, simply because it is not worth the time or expense to find an attorney in each area where a problem arises.

Business owners have so much to do, and legal services may not be in the start-up budget. When starting out, many understandably incorporate themselves, use internet contracts, and just hope that their lease means what they think it does.

However, once established, stable and successful small businesses usually need a review of their contracts and procedures to ensure they are not exposing themselves to unnecessary and expensive liability. After a few years of operation, questions inevitably arise:

  • Do you and your partners have a written agreement outlining what happens if things go south?
  • Will the employee you want to fire be able to sue you for discrimination? How can you prevent this?
  • Is that client contract you found on the internet really protecting all of your interests?
  • Your lease is up for renewal — what do these terms mean? Should you be negotiating some of them?
  • Should you have your independent contractors sign a contract? (Yes!)
  • Do you need to trademark your business name?
  • When do you need to enter into NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)?
  • You’re pretty sure that cease and desist letter you received has no merit, but can you just ignore it?
  • Your client isn’t paying you… Now what?
  • Is that non-compete agreement really enforceable?

Finding a separate attorney for each of these issues would be time-consuming and pricy, but trying to address them without an attorney could be risky and even more expensive. You do not want to spend your time fighting a lawsuit that could have been prevented.

The Solution

G & G Law offers a convenient and affordable package that assures you get swift legal solutions and specific legal know-how. With the Outside General Counsel package, G & G Law will serve as your business’s outside general counsel. Our attorneys will be available by phone or email to answer your legal questions whenever they come up. In addition, we can work on your business’s legal projects, such as:

  • Reviewing and drafting contracts, agreements, and leases
  • Ensuring that your business structure and founder’s agreements are accomplishing your goals
  • Protecting your intellectual property with trademarks and copyrights
  • Ensuring your website and marketing materials comply with statutory requirements
  • Reviewing your employment procedures to ensure compliance and safety from liability

Additionally, G & G Law is a network liaison for the Business Law Network, giving us access to attorneys with years of experience in their respective legal fields. When you have complex questions that require specific knowledge in an area of law, G & G Law can reach out to this extensive network and bring your problem to the appropriate specialist. For example:

  • Should you patent your new product? G & G Law will consult with an experienced patent attorney.
  • Problems with your business’s retirement plan? G & G Law will consult with an attorney with years of experience in ERISA.
  • Being sued? G & G Law can connect you with a litigation attorney experienced in the specific area required.


This outside general counsel package starts at $1,750 per month. You will have access to a G & G Law attorney who will answer all your questions, conduct research, and review or draft contracts when needed. In addition, they will also be available to work on general legal projects. When appropriate, G & G Law will consult with attorneys who have extensive experience in the specific legal field required. For this rate, you will receive up to ten (10) hours of attorney time each month. Note that this package is for general legal services. It does not include litigation or major transactions.

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