COVID-19 Employer Toolkit

Our mission at G & G Law, LLC is to make legal services accessible to small businesses.

We are living through unprecedented times. Every day, we talk to small business owners who are not only terrified about the health implications of COVID-19, but also what it means for the survival of their businesses and health and economic well-being of their employees.

Small businesses are having to make incredibly difficult decisions and make them quickly. We know how important information is when making these decisions.

What’s Inside

This Toolkit contains easily-digestible information about:

  • Can my business stay open?
  • What are my obligations to my employees?
  • What are the requirements for sick leave?
  • What’s the difference between termination, temporary termination, and furlough?
  • Can business owners file for unemployment?

Pricing and Process

The COVID-19 Employer Toolkit is available for $329 with a click of the button below. After submitting your payment information, we’ll email you your copy of the Toolkit within one business day. If you don’t receive it, email with the subject line “COVID Toolkit.”

“Thank you so much! This packet is so helpful and YOU have been so helpful! I cannot express how much I appreciate all the guidance you have provided to me and my business!”

S. Hively, Owner of Behavioral Services Practice


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  • Not comprehensive. We attempted to include the most relevant and important state and federal employment laws and issues in this toolkit, but this toolkit does NOT include every relevant law or regulation currently in effect.
  • Mav not be up-to-date. Laws, regulations, case law, and interpretations are constantly changing and evolving. The information in this toolkit may not be up-to-date.

We highly recommend that you speak with a small business law attorney regarding the specifics surrounding your business and its workers.

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