Health and Wellness Licensed Professionals Basic Package

Licensed professionals in the health and wellness industry need client forms to comply with professional requirements, reduce risks, and lay out and manage patient expectations.

These forms go beyond the legal requirements – they also set the tone for the relationship between the practitioner and patient. The forms need to correctly represent the processes unique to your practice, and you need to fully understand them. It is important for you to be able to explain the forms to your patients in a way that helps your patients feel comfortable with you and the process and clearly sets the boundaries of working together.

We draft the patient forms as a template so you can use them for most of your patients with minimal changes.

Our flat fee includes drafting the following forms, making 2 rounds of changes, and discussing them with you. Please note, we customize the package for each practice’s needs, so these documents might be combined and/or reorganized based on what works for you:

  • Intake Form
  • Consent for Payment (insurance, cancellation policy, late arrival policy, type of payment accepted, late payment policy)
  • Consent for Treatment/General Practices (no guarantee as to outcome, possible side effects, right to stop at any time)
  • HIPAA Notice/Release of Information
  • Website Disclaimer and Best Practices

Drafting patient contracts with us has the adding bonus of establishing a long-term relationship with G & G Law. We get to know you, your business, and how your business operates. This helps us handle future legal questions, issues, and needs more efficiently going forward.

Health and Wellness Licensed Professionals Basic Package

  • Flat Fee: $3,250

Health and Wellness Licensed Professionals Add-Ons

Over the years, we have helped a variety of health and wellness practitioners. We know that the valuable services you provide vary between practitioner type and even within the same licenses. We can offer additional forms customized to you and your practice. Some of these include:

  • Consent to Transportation
  • Consent for Recordings/Photos Taken and Consent to Use Recordings/Videos
  • Consent for Minors
  • Consent for Specific Treatments (e.g., aquatic therapy, functional behavior assessments, or treatments that involve physical contact)

Add-Ons (if engaged with Health and Wellness Licensed Professionals Basic Package)

  • Flat Fee: $650 each

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