Client Contracts

After entity formation, a client contract template is the best way to protect you and your business.


The benefits of a great client contract differ for each business owner. Customization is key because the processes, risks, and liabilities are different for each business. Once you customize the contract for your business, understand what it says (no confusing legalese!), and follow the processes laid out, you can free up the annoying time you spend putting out fires and worrying about what else could go wrong. This gives you more time to work on the fun parts of growing the business!

Some examples of problems and potential solutions we can address in a client contract include the following. Remember, these are different for each client, depending on your own needs.

  • Preventing scope creep and making it easy to add on new work without negotiating a whole new contract:
    • Structure the contract as a Primary Contract (sometimes called a Master Services Agreement or MSA, but we are moving away from that language) with set terms and adding on Statements of Work for each project. This helps to easily turn your best clients into repeat clients!
    • On the other hand, sometimes short, sweet, and easy to read and understand is a better structure, especially if your clients are individuals, not businesses. In this case we often structure the contract as a terms and conditions attached to an explanation of the services.
  • Getting paid:
    • Finding ways to get paid in advance, getting work product approval in writing before sending invoices, charging interest, invoice acceptance process, stopping work for non-payment, late cancellation policy, etc.
  • Intellectual Property: who owns the final work product:
    • Figure out how you want to use the work product after the project is over and make sure you have the rights to do so. For example: Do you use the final product in your portfolio or marketing materials? Do you re-use documents, slides, or code? Who is responsible for making sure there is no IP infringement in any of the images used in the work product?
  • Termination: What if the relationship is not working:
    • Make sure you can get out of the contract.
  • Client Responsiveness:
    • Make clear that work product and timelines are dependent on clients answering questions, providing info, etc.
  • Risky business (especially fitness, health and wellness, beauty, children’s industries):
    • Your clients understand and accept risks involved.
  •  Confidentiality:
    • What don’t you want your competitors to know?

Our process:

  • Guide you to prioritize the biggest problems, issues, or risks for your business.
  • Help you figure out what you want each section to say.
  • Write the first draft.
  • Discussion with 2 goals:
    • Ensure each provision says what you want it to say.
      • Educate you on what each section means and empower you to work with the contract by following the processes and making any changes as they come up.
  • Send final client contract template.

We draft the contract as a template so you can use it for all your clients with minimal changes. We make it as easy as possible to work with – we know how important an easy sales process is to a successful business!

Drafting a client contract with us has the adding bonus of establishing a long-term relationship with G & G Law. We get to know you, your business, and how your business operates. This helps us handle future legal questions, issues, and needs more efficiently going forward.

Our flat fee includes drafting a client contract template, making 2 rounds of changes, and discussing it with you. It does not include negotiations with your clients, although we would be happy to discuss expanding the scope of engagement to help with this.

Customized Client Contract Template (non-regulated industry)

  • Flat Fee: $2,200

Specific Client Contract Add-On

If you are negotiating with a client and have specific terms individual to that client, it is often the best time to efficiently draft a client contract template for future use as well. We love to do both at the same time! If you engage us for a client contract template + a contract for a specific client at the same time, we can do both for an added low flat fee.

Our flat fee includes drafting a client contract, making 2 rounds of changes, and discussing it with you. It does not include negotiations with your client, although we would be happy to discuss expanding the scope of engagement to help with this.

Contract for Specific Client Add-On (if engaged with Client Contract Template)

  • Flat Fee: $440

It’s time to get your client contract in line and make sure it works for you. Reach out to G & G Law today to get started!

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