Cannabis License Applications

Future cannabusiness owners, start your engines! Illinois is gearing up to issue operational cannabis licenses for dispensaries, cultivation centers, craft grow operations, and transporting or processing businesses. The applications for these licenses are lengthy, detailed, and time-consuming, and the field is quite competitive. In order to submit the best and most complete application you can, you will need a trusted attorney familiar with Illinois’s new cannabis law and the cannabis industry in general.

We’ve written extensively about Illinois’s cannabis legislation and application process on our blog and offer a package to help you determine if you qualify for the all-important “social equity” status. With a broad range of business expertise and a deep knowledge of Illinois business law, we can also help prepare your dispensary, craft grow, transporter, and/or processing applications. G & G Law has considerable experience in this field and offers the following services to businesses looking to obtain a cannabis license:

If you want to apply for a dispensary, craft grow, transporter, processor, and/or infuser license in Illinois, contact G & G Law today to learn how we can help you through the rigorous application process.

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