G & G Law, a 21st Century Law Firm

G & G Law, a 21st Century Law Firm

Chicago and Naperville Small Business Lawyers

G & G Law is committed to serving our small business clients with outstanding legal counsel. At G & G Law, we are focused on your business’s needs. First, we listen. Then we work with you to efficiently and effectively resolve your legal needs. Let us help you prepare for a more secure future.

We know legal services can be overwhelming, both personally and financially. Not so at G & G Law.


  • At G & G Law we speak with our clients, never above them. We encourage our clients to contact us at any time with questions, concerns, or to discuss how we can better help them. And when you need us, we respond – in plain English.
  • We provide friendly updates and reminders about some of the changes happening in the legal world that may impact our clients.
  • We work directly with clients and don’t pass the work off to paralegals or other legal assistants. For more complicated situations, we also work as a team to ensure that our clients receive thorough legal representation.

Affordable and Transparent

  • It is no secret that prices for legal services can be exorbitant. But at G & G Law, we believe legal services should not only be available to the super rich. So we do not work in a swanky downtown office or drive luxury vehicles – that way, we can provide quality legal services at reasonable rates. We work with our clients to create payment packages that are transparent and fair.
  • We provide flat fees when possible. Often times, for contract drafting or company formation, we will provide our clients with flat fees instead of an hourly rate so our clients know upfront exactly how much our services will cost.

New Location

  • G & G Law has recently added a new Naperville location to better serve businesses in the western suburbs of Chicago. We know it can be a bit difficult (and time consuming!) for businesses in the suburbs to travel into the city to speak with an attorney, so we are excited to expand our firm out to the Naperville area.